Real estate investing is a competitive but highly profitable industry. To help you gain the competitive edge you need to score the best property deals in your area, you might consider working with an asset manager at your local bank. That’s exactly what Jason Luchessi does to find many of his deals. As a successful real estate investor based in the Indianapolis area, Jason has been purchasing properties since 2008—the day he left behind his career in the mortgage industry. As an active investor and REI coach, Jason has plenty of experience buying and selling properties for profit. Jason started his career by finding off-market properties that he could wholesale, and eventually went on to start his own REI company, Global Fortune Solutions. In this podcast, Jason shares his clever tips for working with asset managers to find pre-MLS properties. While this strategy isn’t every investor’s cup of tea, it certainly is a proactive way to snag the best property deals before others have the chance. Tune in to hear Jason’s tips for mastering the jargon of the banking world, so you can build credibility and get the best results from your conversations with asset managers: WATCH AND LEARN: 


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WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? Wholesaling isn’t for everyone, but it can be an amazingly profitable venture in the right markets. What questions do you have about wholesaling? Let us know. Be Daring, Josh