About Freeland Ventures Real Estate Private Equity:
Freeland Ventures is a full-service real estate private equity fund. Freeland Ventures consists of Freeland Properties where Josh and his business partners invest, wholesale, rehab to flip, rehab to keep, and buy, own and manager commercial buildings and apartments. Our largest investment is in a $40 million-dollar, 753-unit apartment building complex in Georgia.

Freeland Lending is a full-service private lender where we provide private money financing for all types of real estate deals. Freeland Lending provides funding in all 50 states and provides transactional, rehab, rental, commercial and apartment funding. Freeland Lending provides the best rates and terms Strategic Real Estate Coach students. You acquire investment properties and Freeland Lending handles the financing. As you make offers and acquire properties, we are a ONE STOP shop for all your investment financing needs.

Freeland Capital Management (FCM) is a private equity fund manager. Freeland Capital Management is the exclusive manager of Freeland Fund I, II, and III. FCM manages money for over 150 passive real estate investor clients and places those funds into deals throughout the U.S.