John Jackson knows a thing or two about seller financing and lease option (rent to own) closings. After all, he’s done more than 600 of these types of deals. He’s even fondly known as the “Texas lease option guy” by real estate experts and homebuyers in his local market.

So, why would a real estate investor want to pursue seller financing or lease option opportunities?

Well, for one, these are very low-risk deals. Plus, it’s a very viable option for nicer houses that don’t have much equity. And—what might be the most appealing part—there’s very little competition for investors in this niche.

In this podcast, John explains the details of seller financing and lease option investing, and shares a few success stories of how these have worked well for him. Take a listen to hear about his future goals, and his best advice for any investor—regardless of their strategy of choice:



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Wholesaling isn’t for everyone, but it can be an amazingly profitable venture in the right markets. What questions do you have about wholesaling? Let us know.

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